Barcelona’s Only Cathedral

Make time on your Barcelona trip to stop by the Barcelona Cathedral. It is located in the heart of Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter. Construction of this gothic cathedral began in 1298 under King Jaume II but it wasn’t until 1460 that the main building was completed due to various circumstances affecting the project. The main facade of the building wasn’t finished until 1889 with the central spire being constructed only in 1913.

Not everyone finds Cathedrals interesting, but this one has an fun and interesting twist. On the grounds of the Cathedral there is a cloister which can be accessed from within the cathedral itself or by the side entrance on Carrer del Bisbe.

In this courtyard you’ll find a a large fenced-off area. Here you’ll find a small pond and a beautiful fountain in the centre as well as some trees and plants. This tranquil and picturesque place is also inhabited by a gaggle of geese.

La Seu Cathedral Inner Courtyard at La Seu Flock of Geese

These geese were placed here for a reason, if you notice, there are 13 of them in total. Each goose represents one year in the life of the martyr Santa Eulalia, a young girl tortured to death in the 4th century by the Romans for her beliefs. The geese are here at the Cathedral as a representation and a reminder of her martyrdom.

There’s also another slightly smaller fountain at the other side of the square topped with a statue of Saint Jordi. The plaza has no roof and is thus the garden is flooded with a gorgeous amount of natural light. Around sides of this square you’ll find many small altars each containing a symbol of religion or models of religious figures. Throughout the Cathedral you can see many beautiful statues glimmering in the candlelight.

La Seu Cathedral in Barcelona Barcelona's Cathedral La Seu Cathedral

The main hall of the cathedral is something that will interest any architecture fan. The extremely high nave is quite impressive, when you think of the years in which it was constructed. The beauty and detail throughout the cathedral is awe-inspiring. One of the must sees for any visitor to the cathedral is the crypt which contains the entombed body of the famed martyr Santa Eulalia.


  1. I saw those geese last week. Pretty strange seeing them in a Cathedrals ground but I suppose it gave it a sense of uniqueness. They’re not half noisy though aren’t they?


  2. It is a beautiful Cathedral and the cloisters are actually my favorite part. Although I wouldn’t say it’s the “only” cathedral in Barcelona…I’m quite taken with Santa Maria Del Mar 🙂

  3. When I was there, the Cathedral was under restoration. Looking forward to seeing it again in all its splendor after the restoration work!


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